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Resilient.Community builds knowledge, skills, and relationships for Black communities to lead in disaster and climate resilience.
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Strengthen your knowledge, skills, and tools for a resilient foundation to confront racism, advance racial justice, and facilitate disaster and climate resilience. Resilient.Community builds capabilities for Black communities to thrive in collaboration with allies.
  • Explore how anti-Black racism impacts workplaces, communities, emergency management, and climate action
  • Step into your power to advance racial justice in your personal and professional life
  • Build knowledge, skills, and relationships in a supportive, community environment

About Our Learning Experiences

The learning experiences on the Next Leadership Development's Resilient.Community includes content that is all about supporting Black resilience and those that support Black people.

Racial Justice Literacy

Deepen your knowledge of how racism impacts Black people while also providing historical and social context - there is content here for allies and champions that support us.

Personal Development

Build your knowledge of self and a plan to more consistently show up as your best self. We also have live sessions to support each other to take intentional action.

Professional Development

Expand your professional skill set. We are committed to supporting your ability to improve the employee experience and your practical skills in the workplace.


Strengthen your ability to lead during the inevitable personal, community, and organizational emergencies. You are the leader you've been looking for - step into your power.

Explore Our Learning Experiences

Explore our growing content dedicated to supporting Black leadership and resilience.

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