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Resilient.Community was created by and is maintained by the nonprofit Next Leadership Development for Black leaders and supporters

Frequently asked questions

What is Resilient.Community?

Resilient.Community is a membership community that offers learning and networking experiences focused on racial justice, crisis leadership, and resilience. These professional and personal development experiences are offered through self-guided online courses, instructor-guided workshops, and virtual networking and collaboration events. They support personal, professional, and community resilience building to thrive in an unpredictable world. 

Why was Resilient.Community created?

Racism is a man-made disaster that steadily and stealthily ravages Black communities. Many people in Black communities are in a perpetual state of crisis due to the compounding nature of historical and present-day racism. The impacts are experienced in the workplace; before, during, and after disasters; and all aspects of our lives.

The impact of personal, organizational, community, and national emergencies are amplified for Black people. When disasters occur, Black communities are facing the convergence of the ongoing impacts of racism, the disaster itself, and the ways that racism impacts how response and recovery occur.

However, we are not helpless victims…we have a long history of resilience - being able to navigate the present world and transform it for the future. Resilient.Community supports Black leaders and supporters by strengthening our knowledge of self (power within), expanding the landscape of our agency (power to), supporting our collective action (power with), and increasing our influence on traditional systems (power over).

Life is difficult...it is full of volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity (VUCA) for all of us. It is even more difficult when you are trying to lead through VUCA as a Black person, Black-led organization, or ally. Although we each have a unique journey in life, we all need knowledge and relationships to build a foundation of resilience - so we can lead transformation for our households, communities, workplaces, and society.

How does Resilient.Community work?

Resilient.Community is a membership-based learning community where members can access courses, workshops, and events for a small annual fee. There is free content that anyone can access. Non-members can access learning experiences on an a la carte basis, paying for each learning experience as an individual or purchasing seats for an organization. 

Individuals and organizations will be able to sponsor content in three ways:
  • Course Sponsor: This provides free access to content through an organizational partner covering the cost of the course for anyone for a full year.
  • Membership Sponsor: Sponsor a select number of memberships for current or aspiring leaders from any organization or community.
  • Organizational Membership Sponsor: Organizations can support access to content for Black leaders and supporters by covering the cost of memberships for their organization (e.g. Black Employee Resource Group (ERGs), Affinity Groups, or to support a leadership program).

Additionally, individuals and organizations that have content can partner with Next Leadership Development to make it available on the Resilient.Community. These partners will be able to earn profits from their content and Next Leadership Development receive 20% of the sales for each course to cover administrative and hosting costs.

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