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The Black Resilience Network is a membership community of Black organizations and leaders supported by allies and ally organizations - who work each day to strengthen disaster and climate resilience, which requires advancing racial justice. The Black Resilience Network is convened by the 501(c)3 nonprofit Next Leadership Development.

For those that love community + action

Black-Led Organizations 

Nonprofit, for-profit organizations, and towns that are led by and focus on Black people

Black Leaders + Advocates

Individuals who do not have or do not want to use an organizational affiliation

Black Allies + Supporters

Organizations and individuals who do not identify as Black, but want to work in allyship

Collective Care + Action 

We do what we can with what we have & advocate for resources and change together


#Strengthen Climate Resilience | #Transform Emergency Management| #Advance Racial Justice

Black led-organizations, leaders, and communities are not intentionally included in the national-level policy, funding, and programs that are meant to improve America’s resilience to climate change and other disasters. We are the invisible parts of the climate and disaster resilience ecosystem. The Black Resilience Network is a collective care and action community that supports each other’s existing efforts, amplifies our influence, and facilitates future collaborative funding and initiatives.


As of March 2024, the Black Resilience Network has over 100 members across 20 states.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Black Resilience Network member?

A Black-led organization and 

What is a Black Resilience Network sustainer?

An ally who believes in our work and the communities we partner with. Sustainers can be individuals or organizations. 

Why does the Black Resilience Network have sustainers?

FAQ 3 description

How are you defining resilience?

Resilience is a word that has been used as a weapon against Black people: It has been used as a way to make systemic and structural problems a deficit with Black people as individuals. The Black Resilience Network uses the broad range of research on resilience as inspiration for how we frame and strengthen resilience. [Insert breakdown of resilience here]