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Welcome to the Black Resilience Network!

Thank you for your commitment to disaster and climate resilience in Black communities.

Priority Areas

Black Resilience Network priorities for all initiatives to strengthen disaster and climate resilience.

Historic & Cultural Preservation

Guides all initiatives to identify ways to invest in protecting, promoting, and preserving Black history and culture before, during, and after disasters.

Disaster Preparedness & Mitigation

Proactive action to reduce the impacts of disasters and prepare Black communities to play a leadership role in response and recovery. 

Disaster Response & Recovery

Focus of the Black Resilience Network Emergency Operations Center (EOC), which collaborates with members and partners on information sharing, identifying unmet needs, facilitating resources, and coordinating advocacy.

Disaster Workforce & Business Development

Collaborative initiatives to increase support and professional development to current Black emergency management professionals, expand Black representation in the field, and provide resources to Black businesses.

Disaster Resilience| Climate Resilience | Racial Justice

Let’s make progress together

Our vision is Interconnected Black households, communities, and organizations with the leadership skills, capabilities, partnerships, and decision-making power to facilitate disaster and climate resilience. 
We make disaster and climate resilience accessible for Black communities through facilitating Black leadership in collective action for historic and cultural preservation, disaster mitigation and preparedness, disaster response, and recovery, and disaster workforce and business development.
 Our mission is to To catalyze leadership development, collaboration, and investments so Black towns, communities, and organizations can play their vital roles in the climate and disaster resilience ecosystem.