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    January  1, 2024

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Finally, Home.: A step-by-step guide for people preparing for first time home ownership.

Finally Home, envisioned by Tayla Andre, is a foundational financial literacy course with a special focus on the journey to homeownership. This comprehensive program equips aspiring homeowners with essential financial knowledge, laying the groundwork for a future where home buying is not just a dream but an achievable goal. Participants will delve into the essentials of credit management, foundational mortgage concepts, diverse financing strategies, and the fundamental legalities of real estate transactions.
Tayla Andre's mission with "Finally Home" is to simplify the complexities of financial decision-making, providing a clear path to property ownership for beginners. The course is particularly tailored for those embarking on their first home purchase and individuals seeking to build a solid financial base from which to grow. By fostering financial acumen and demystifying the home buying process, Tayla empowers individuals to make informed decisions that support their long-term objectives.
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Secret to a seamless
home buying experience

Unlock the secrets of homeownership with "Finally, Home" – the ultimate guide by Tayla Andre, your expert in real estate and financial empowerment. Say goodbye to confusion and hello to confidence with this essential resource.
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Meet the instructor

Tayla Andre

Author of 'Finally, Home. The step-by-step guide for people preparing for first time homeownership'
Tayla Andre is the founder of Tayla Made LLC, a Boston-based financial literacy curriculum that specializes in real estate, focuses holistically on improving the lives of my clients by equipping them with the knowledge they need to make informed decisions.